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Factoring is the ability to receive funds immediately after the issuance of an invoice. It is an appropriate tool for all companies considering its finances and not debt recovery.

Cooperation with us means a possibility to receive the best offers.

Factoring can also be obtained by:

  • Start-up/newly-formed companies without creditworthiness.
  • Companies that have arrears in Social Security and the tax office

Factoring provides an opportunity for competitiveness, as the seller can offer longer payment terms to customers without worsening its liquidity. In addition, it guarantees the financial stability of the company and diversifies financial service providers.

Customers choosing to work with us can be sure that the process of selecting a factor will be carried out in a fast and professional manner. For our clients, we search for the best products and thanks to it, we save our clients’ time by getting directly involved in the transaction process.

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