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Prezes zarządu - Artur Kras

Artur Kras

Wiceprezes zarządu - Piotr Kulik

Piotr Kulik

Vice President
+48 507 122 460
Wiceprezes zarządu - Rafał Wietrzyński

Rafał Wietrzyński

Vice President
+48 783 440 217
Pracownik - Joanna Kras

Joanna Kras

+48 603 852 386
Pracownik - Malwina Banasik

Malwina Banasik

Key Account Manager
+48 609 544 112

Magdalena Zielonka

Assistant to the Board
+48 661 380 605
Pracownik - obrazek domyślny

Iwona Starzyńska

Key Account Manager
+48 533 088 043
Pracownik - obrazek domyślny

Jakub Działecki

Regional Representative
+48 533 088 486

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an insurance broker?

A broker is an independent agent representing the client and acting on behalf of the client. A broker assesses risks, negotiates contract clauses, maintains the insurance contracts and help with claims settlements. A broker is paid by the insurer not the client. The services of the broker are free.

What is the role of the broker?

The broker acts on behalf of the client to provide the best trade insurance offer.

What regulations does an insurance broker acts on?

Broker acts on the basis of The Insurance Distribution Act from the 15 December 2017. It is also a state holder of a brokerage services permit no 2054/14 issued by The Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

What does it look like to work with Credit Risk Solution?

Credit Risk Solution represents its client on the basis of a power of attorney issued by the client and prepares an inquiry to Insurers, collects bids, conducts a tender and makes a recommendation to its client. We tabulate more than 30 pricing parameters and provisions. After signing the contract, we actively support the Client during the cooperation with the Insurer. We remind you of the obligations under the receivables insurance contract. We monitor the level of satisfaction with cooperation with the insurer.