Cookies Policy

The following Cookies Policy defines the rules for storing and accessing data on the Devices of Users using the Website for the purpose of providing electronic services by the Website Administrator.

§ 1 Definitions

  • Service – internet service operating under the address
  • External service – the website of the Administrator’s partners, service providers or customers
  • Administrator – Credit Risk Solution company, doing business at: 117 Ruczaj Street Z/1, 02-997 Warsaw, with assigned tax identification number (NIP): 1231287723, with assigned REGON number: 147306305, with assigned KRS number: 0000515260, providing services electronically through the Service and storing and accessing information in User’s devices.
  • User – natural person for whom the Administrator provides electronic services through the Service.
  • Device – electronic device with software, through which the User accesses the Site
  • Cookies – text data collected in the form of files placed on the User’s Device.

§ 2 Types of Cookies

  • Internal cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the Service’s data communications system
  • External cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by IT systems of external Services
  • Session cookies – files posted and read from the User Device by the Website or External Services during a single session of a given Device. When the session ends, the files are deleted from the User Device.
  • Persistent cookies – files posted to and read from the User Device by the Website or External Services until they are manually deleted. The files are not deleted automatically after the end of the Device session unless the configuration of the User Device is set to delete cookies after the end of the Device session.

§ 3 Security

  • Storage and reading mechanisms – The mechanisms for storing and reading Cookies do not allow the retrieval of any personal data or any confidential information from the User Device. It is virtually impossible to transfer viruses, Trojan horses and other viruses to the User Device.
  • Internal cookies – Internal cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the Users’ Devices
  • External cookies – The Administrator is not responsible for the security of cookies from the Website’s partners. The list of partners is provided later in the Cookie Policy.

§ 4 Purposes for which cookies are used

  • Streamline and facilitate access to the Service – The Administrator may store in cookies information about the user’s preferences and settings regarding the Website in order to improve, enhance and accelerate the provision of services on the Website.
  • Statistics – The Administrator and External Services use cookies to collect and process statistical data such as e.g. visit statistics, statistics of User Devices or statistics of User behavior. These data are collected in order to analyze and improve the Website.

§ 5 External services

  • Google Analitics – The Administrator cooperates with the following external services that may place cookies on User Devices.

§ 6 The ability to determine the conditions for storing and accessing on User Devices by the Service and External Services

  • The user can at any time, independently change the settings for the storage, deletion and access to data stored cookies
  • Information on how to disable cookies in the most popular computer browsers and mobile devices is available at: how to turn off cookies?
  • The User may, at any time, delete any cookies stored to date using the tools of the User’s Device through which the User accesses the services of the Website.

§ 7 Exclusion of liability

  • The Administrator uses all possible measures to ensure the security of the data placed in cookies. However, it should be noted that ensuring the security of this data depends on both parties, including the activities of the User and the security satn of the device he uses.
  • The Administrator is not responsible for the interception of data contained in cookies, impersonation of the User’s session or their deletion, as a result of the User’s conscious or unconscious activity, viruses, Trojan horses and other spyware with which the User’s device may be infected.
  • Users, in order to protect themselves from the risks indicated in the previous section, should follow the rules of safe use of the Internet.
  • Services provided by third parties are beyond the control of the Administrator. These entities may change their terms of service, purpose and use of cookies at any time. The Administrator is not responsible, as far as the law allows, for the operation of cookies used by partner services. Users can manage the permissions and settings of cookies for any of the sites themselves at any time.

§ 8 Service Requirements

  • Restricting the storage of and access to Cookies on the User’s Device may result in the malfunction of some features of the Website.
  • The Administrator shall not be held responsible for malfunctioning functions of the Website in case the User restricts in any way the ability to save and read Cookie files.

§ 9 Changes to the Cookies Policy

  • The Administrator reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time without notifying users.
  • Changes made to the Cookie Policy will always be published on this page.
  • The changes made take effect on the date of publication of the Cookie Policy.