Michał Pietrucin

Insolvencies of Polish companies 


A Coface report on the insolvency of Polish companies in the first half of this year shows that we are currently stuck in a transition period. It is related to the introduction of the National Debtors Register as well as recovery from the pandemic period. Although we don’t yet give guarantees about what the next months will bring.

The total number of insolvencies of companies in Poland in the first half of 2022 amounted to as many as 1141 cases. theoretically it is lower by 3% compared to the same period in 2021.

As we learn from the report, the courts announced, in the first half of the year, 526 bankruptcy and restructuring orders, and this is as much as 38% more than in the previous year.

As a result of the popularity of the out-of-court procedure, it increased by as much as 238% – 274 cases – by far the most popular solution.

That’s why it’s so important to insure your receivables and defend yourself against final decisions to terminate your business.

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Source: Coface Report – Insolvency Report / Barometer Q2 2022 / Briefs